Nurhan YILMA

Pera Şan Division
Müjdat Gezen Theathre
After acting career, currently focused on
directing and dubbing.



Çanakkale 18 Mart University
Fine Arts & Acting Division


Adem Murat Yiğitgil

Graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University.
Currently working on dubbing, recording and mixing at Vocalzone Studios.


Çağıl Cebeci

Gratuated from Advanced Studies in Music & Sound Engineering at Istanbul Technical University.
Currently working as recording and mixing engineer.


Ahmet Egemen Bilici

Gratuated from Cinema and Television at
Currently providing the communication and traffic between our artists and our studio. ​


Nilay Cennetkuşu

Gratuated from Faculty of Language and History at
Ankara University.
Currently working as a voice director and a voice actor.

vocalzone-team (3)

Görkem Çay

Working professionally in music industry 11 years.
Currently working as a mix engineer and sound recording technician.

vocalzone-team (2)

Doruk Doğuer

Graduated from Fine Arts at Edirne University.
Currently working as a sound Technician.

vocalzone-team (1)

Burak Üzen

Previously completed internship at the theater of
Eric De Volder.
Currently working as a traffic Coordinator of documentary channels.